Ever wonder why the Day of Rest is a part of the Creation story, even though nothing was technically created?

I think it’s mentioned, and seen as equal to all the other days, because God wanted to show us the importance of rest. If God did it, how do we think we can haul through life without it? If God sees it as important enough to mention in the story of the creation OF THE WORLD, why don’t we give it a second thought? Why is it seen as a sign of weakness?

I had been hustling around Friday night and yesterday morning. So when I returned from Budapest, exhausted, I decided to listen to my body and give myself some decompression time in my room. I opened my window, put on a Christian music playlist I found on YouTube, laid down in my bed, and closed my eyes.

The sun was beaming through my window, warming my face and turned the shades of colors I was seeing behind my eyelids to a brighter reddish orange. I breathed deeply and focused on the lyrics of the songs seranading my room. I had reached ultimate relaxation, without falling asleep.

Before I knew it though, I opened my eyes to see that the sun had almost disappeared into the skyline. I didn’t feel groggy or in a daze, like I usually do after naps, though. It was quite a refreshing feeling, to feel as though everything in the world was in order again, even if it was just for a few minutes.

As I saw the oranges and yellows of the sunset, I was reminded of the Bible verse, “Be still and know that I am God”.

Great peace comes with stillness.

Why don’t we take more time to rest? Why don’t we see the importance of it?

You need rest. I need rest. We all NEED rest.

God wants us to rest, to be still, to be in calmness sometimes.

Please (re)claim your need for rest, no matter who you are, and don’t feel guilty about it.

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