An Evaluation Question

Today I was finishing filling out my YAGM mid-year evaluation form and was forced to come back to the question I had been avoiding for the entire month it’s taken for me to complete this form…

How have you grown or changed in your understanding of yourself as someone engaged in God’s mission? As a servant-leader?

Here’s my response, I thought I’d share:

“Being a part of God’s mission” always came with the stereotyped images in my head that were portraying me building houses on mission trips with my church, playing with children in a homeless shelter, or handing out meals to those who were hungry. Though these images are a part of being engaged in God’s mission, they are not all of it. I’ve learned that to be engaged in God’s mission doesn’t mean I have to necessarily be on a mission trip when I’m doing so. Being engaged in God’s mission could be just showing up in a space and having an open heart, an open mind, and ears ready to listen.

I’ve also grown to understand that I don’t have to be leading anything to be a servant-leader. I just have to be serving.

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