Knock, Knock! It’s the Holidays.

I knew I’d get homesick when the holidays rolled around.

I could have told you that in July. It’s inevitable.

I’ve been doing Thanksgiving and Christmas the same way since I can remember. Our locations might have changed, but there’s always been the comfort of knowing I’d be in “the atmosphere of my family” every year (seeing family members arrive through the front door with snow on their heads and smiles on their faces, overeating while talking about family memories made and creating new ones, catching up on each other’s lives on a couch…).

This evening, while planning a youth group meeting that falls on Thanksgiving, I could feel homesickness walking up my street. As every word describing my Thanksgiving traditions came out of my mouth, homesickness took a step closer to the front door of my heart.

I knew I had to be proactive about the upcoming stay of this expected guest. I messaged my immediate family (who will be with my mom’s side of my family) about video calling on Thursday. Then, I reached out to my uncle (who will be hosting my dad’s side of my family) about when to chat with them.

As homesickness was knocking on my door, my uncle video called me with my aunt, niece, nephew, and cousin. What a wonderful fifteen minutes it was! Indeed, something I didn’t know I needed in my last-minute prep for my awaited visitor.

As I hung up the call, I opened the door of my heart to greet the being at my door. This guest has packed bags at its’ sides; I think homesickness is going to stay awhile.

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