Hey! I Know That Song!

(Hi friends! Sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve posted.. but I’m back with a few little stories for ya.)

Story #1:

A few Sundays ago, there was a kick-off for the start of the school year’s religious education program. The program began with a few songs after my introduction. It was nice to hear familiar “camp song”-sounding tunes, but I couldn’t place if they were singing any songs that I knew. After a few songs, I was asked by the leadership to suggest an English Bible song. Maybe the kids would know the Hungarian version? I was totally unprepared for this question, so (naturally) my mind blanked and I didn’t know what to say. The man playing the guitar, Sámuel, said, “Do you know ‘This Little Light of Mine’?”. Ahh, yes! Sámuel started strumming, and I was intrigued to hear one of the songs I grew up with in Hungarian. Guess what? EVERYONE STARTED SINGING ENGLISH. You can bet your bottom dollar I joined right in. Of course, I was “that girl” that shouted “No!” the loudest, but I didn’t really care. I was jamming.

Story #2:

The first full day I was in Pílís, my mom drove me to buy a SIM card. When I hopped in the car for her to pick me up, Imagine Dragons was playing on the radio! My first reaction was, “Hey! I know this song!”, and she responded with her enjoyment of the radio station that plays a mixture of Hungarian and English pop songs. We rode away from our home with my head bobbing along to the music and my lips whispering the lyrics. I saw my mom sneaking a grin at me out of my peripherals.

Story #3:

This past Sunday, I attended Sunday School with the children. We were about to open with a song out of the children’s songbook, and the pastor asked me if I knew the song in English. After just glancing at the Hungarian text (that I could not decipher), I said I didn’t think so. The children started singing and by the time they got to the chorus, I recognized the song! It was “You Are my All in All”! Because I knew the tune, I picked up singing it in Hungarian easier because I just had to focus on the pronunciation of the lyrics. I told the pastor after we finished that I did actually know it, and I taught his 4th grade religion class how to sing most of it in English the next morning.



5 thoughts on “Hey! I Know That Song!

  1. Happy morning to you. Love your sharing of your great experiences with your new family and friends. Great those old Bible songs are with you all. Am sure that they know “Jesus Loves Me”.

    We keep you in our prayers. Sharing God’s love with you. JOYCE.

    Liked by 1 person

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