Appreciations Here (Not There)

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been appreciating certain things (that I take for granted in the US) while in Hungary.

Some of these things include:
-A cold Coke
-Nestle Nesquik chocolate bars
-Seeing Philadelphia cream cheese in the grocery store
-The flavor of beef in soup
-The familiar taste of baked spaghetti
-Large, wooden cutting boards
-Talking at the (relatively fast) speed I normally talk and having people understand what I’m saying
-Having parents who raised me to be a “kind and helpful” person
-The privilege of being able to connect to wifi when I get home
-Being able to actively try to pick out words I know when someone is speaking in another language
-Coming home to people who genuinely love me
I may have an explanation to why I am recognizing my appreciation for these certain things while I am away from home…
In America, I have the mentality that I “deserve these things…and more”.

Why wouldn’t I get a cold Coke instead of a room-temperature one? Because I’ve had the privilege of having access to ice cubes in my freezer all of my life.

Who cares about the mediocre taste of baked spaghetti? Where’s my Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan? I’ve had the privilege to be able to eat at Olive Garden (basically whenever I felt like going) if I didn’t feel like cooking dinner.

You’ve always had people that genuinely loved you when you got home- what makes it special now? I’ve always had the privilege of coming home to a loving family. I’m realizing that I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have loving people (or people at all) to come home to.

You see, in America, I think we, as Americans, are always focused on the next “best thing” so when something that was the “next best thing” 20 years ago comes along (or is something we see every day or so), we don’t think it’s enough for us.

In America, we have SO MUCH PRIVILEGE. Honestly, this applies to everyone in America (yes, I mean everyone).

It’s important to recognize that we have this privilege and realize we’re incredibly blessed just by being able to say we are Americans.

3 thoughts on “Appreciations Here (Not There)

  1. Leaving America for almost anywhere else in the world is certainly life-altering (and I don’t mean the 2-week vacation you take where you are pampered from start to finish). I truly understand what you mean and would never have been able to explain it to you before you left, but I know that you will never be the same person that left here ever again. You are already showing us that in your posts! I’m so glad you got to experience this while you are young enough to take it with you for the rest of your life journey. I wish I had been younger when I had this “awakening”. Don’t you wish everyone could have it!?! Love you!

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    1. Hey, I’m glad you can relate! I so wish people could experience this awakening as soon as possible! But you know, everything is in God’s time- not mine. 😉 Love you too!


  2. Sydney. Loved this. You are reminding and teaching us at home with your new wisdom. Thank you for sharing. Love to you and your host family. Love JOYCE Kelley.

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