RAKs from Zoltán

“Sydney, what’s a RAK? Who’s Zoltán?”

RAK stands for Random Act of Kindess, and Zoltán (who I sincerely apologize for not mentioning before now) is my host father.

A reason why you have not have known I have a host dad here is because I haven’t physically met him yet, so I don’t have any physical experiences or pictures with him (yet!). But I thought I would share with you some of the RAKs I have received from him, despite the fact that I haven’t physically met him (yet!). Come November when he returns from a work trip, these “yets” will turn to “nows”.

Top 3 RAKs from Zoltán:

1. While I was in Chicago, I received my first email from someone in my (at the time) future host community! It was from Zoltán expressing how happy they (him and his family) were to have me stay in Pilis with them. He made sure I had contact information to get ahold of him, my host mom, and my host sister. It eased my nerves drastically to read of the love and hospitality I would soon physically receive.
2. When I was shown my bedroom, my host mom pointed to a power outlet right away. Attached to one of the outlets was a converter for a non-Hungarian plug (compliments of Zoltán!).
3. The day after I had arrived in Pilis, I received a message on Facebook from him stating that he was sorry he missed my arrival (but there was no way around missing his work trip). He explained how he wanted me to “make myself at home” in Pilis.

Thank you, Zoli (because apparently only his mom calls him Zoltán), for being so kind to me!

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