I Made a (Pretty Major) Mistake Today…

So, to those of you who know I’m not a “my phone is my fifth appendage” kind of person, you probably won’t be shocked when I tell you that I misplaced my YAGM phone today. Yes, I know, it’s only my second full day here…

After lunch this afternoon, I realized my phone was not in my room (where I thought I had left it). Of course, I started going into “panic mode” and started wandering around the house questioning how I managed to lose my phone already. After searching almost every room I remembered going into this morning and asking my sister if she’d seen it, my heart rate went up a little more. Recognizing that my phone HAD to be in the house somewhere (because I hadn’t left the house today), I told myself I needed to take a “breather”. I figured pulling my laundry out of the washer and hanging them to dry would focus my brain elsewhere.

As I was getting to the end of pulling out my freshly cleaned clothes, I felt something hard between my hands….
My phone.


I took a small deep breath because (thankfully) I, at least, found my phone. I thought to myself, “Maybe the ole rice trick will work..”

As I walked up the stairs to my sister’s room to ask where the rice was I saw the “spider” crack on my screen… and water behind the screen. I raced to my bedroom to take out the battery and SIM card to see if they still had a chance of working.

I opened the back of the phone, and everything had a nice (I use this word sarcastically..) layer of water droplets around it.

Of course, my heart rate goes up again… How am I going to explain this to Zach and Rachel (my country coordinators)? Why did this have to happen today? My host mom has a lot on her mind right now coordinating a town celebration for tomorrow. Why do I have to burden so many people with my mistakes? Seriously, Syd?

After “checking myself before I wrecked myself”, I realized I needed to give myself some grace. Yes, I should have known where my phone was. But, no, I didn’t intentionally lose it nor not care when I noticed it was gone. Honestly, not everyone knows where their phone is every second of the time they’ve been in their own house for an extended period of time, right?

I figured, right away, that I needed to contact my country coordinators by email because being able to be contacted is dire (in case of an emergency). In my email, I questioned what to do about telling my host mom right away or not. I decided I’d, at least, wait longer than today because I thought that (if I were her) I’d just want to go to bed after coming home late from work.

Soon after my màsodik mama (second mom) came home, I found that I can’t keep secrets from her. I immediately stopped her from going down the stairs after she left “her daughters'” conversation. I explained to her that I made a big mistake today, was really sorry, and told her what I did.

Her response you may be asking? “Not a problem. Not a problem. This is not important. Money, phone… Not important. What is most important is that you’re healthy. It’s not a problem at all.” ❤️
*Sounds like another mother of mine, huh? 😉

She asked to see it, looked for an extra phone she happened to have, asked Anna to help transfer the SIM card over (and it worked miraculously!), and called her friend to tell her how to reset the phone so the phone would just have what was on my SIM card.

Of course, we joked about how I thought my phone was “dirty and needed a wash” throughout the whole process of getting the new phone to work. There were a few prayers for the SIM card to work, lots of moments where my hands were on my face from embarrassment, and some “oy ya oy”s. Never ever was there a moment that I doubted my màsodik mama’s love for me, though.

Honesty is the best policy, friends, and grace is so good.

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