Breaking Stereotypes by the Baker’s Dozen

CAUTION: What you are about to read may challenge thoughts in you that you didn’t know existed… That’s what happened to me.

Here’s some context. Within the first three full days of being with my (beautiful-in-our-own-way) Central Europe cohort, I had about twenty subconscious stereotypes start breaking. It was quite the internal battle to come face-to-face with stereotypes that I didn’t know existed (let alone trying to come to terms with the fact that we all have stereotypes- whether we know it or not). Ahead of you come 13 (“the baker’s dozen”) statements that I now agree with thanks to the twelve incredible people I’ve been spending my life with recently.

1. Just because someone is sexually active and I’m not doesn’t make me holier than thou.

2. There is no such thing as “every girl must have nice handwriting”.

3. Just because I have a hard time understanding that someone may “look similar” to me but doesn’t identify as a cis heterosexual female doesn’t mean God didn’t make them that way for a reason.

4. Just because a woman doesn’t have a “typical girl haircut” (according to me, i.e. an undercut) doesn’t make her value any higher or lesser than mine.

5. Just because someone marries someone else who doesn’t share the same faith as him/her doesn’t mean he/she aren’t strong in their faith.

6. America is not “the place to be” for everyone nor is it “the best place in the world”.

7. Worship does not always have to look the same.

8. Just because someone is loud and easily excitable (like me) doesn’t mean we are going to get excited and loud about the same things.

9. Guys can get foot tattoos, too.

10. It’s really not that hard to hear someone’s story and see them as a whole person instead of just the one thing I may not agree with in their life.

11. Just because I may have reacted to a situation differently than others did doesn’t mean that their feelings in or after the situation aren’t valid.

12. Just because I’m in a different place and experiencing different things than people who are incredibly important to me (back home) doesn’t mean that they don’t miss me (even if I seem to be “too busy” to notice). It also doesn’t mean they are as able to distract themselves from the feeling as much as I can with my new surroundings.

13. God, faith, and our place in the world isn’t that easy to figure out (especially if someone hasn’t been raised in “it” their whole life).

I encourage you to seriously contemplate this blog for awhile, even if it’s just for 10 minutes (Please don’t focus on my grammar, though. I’m learning Hungarian grammar currently and need a break from focusing on it- haha!).

Any questions/interests in how I came to these conclusions? Feel free to comment below (easiest to load from wifi) or message me on FB (if that makes you more comfortable), and I’ll be sure to try to answer as soon as I can.

This can be heavy stuff. Discussion with others seems to help me!


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